I am pleased to announce that we renewed agreement in new hunting territory with Great trophies, luxurious accommodations that offer all the amenities to hunters and companions. 


- Namibia

- South Africa 

- Argentina


I hope you enjoy it 



New Book "Gloom Hunter" by Fernando Arana - Finca Abadia

Gloom Hunter

by Fernando Arana


This is one of the books Editorial Solitario has decided to edit in 2016.

Fernando Arana Rallo, known entrepreneur and hunter, opens the doors to its incredible waiting from boars.

Also owner of the huntig organic Company Finca Abadia, which has garnered in recent years, several awards and national and international awards and which organizes hunts in over 12 countries and partridge ojeos  and all kinds of stalking and hunting in Spain.

With his extensive knowledge as a hunter and organic, through this book openly and unreservedly offers us his experience in waiting boar, revealing all the tricks that have served to gain large specimens of this species, especially in the last 25 years, both in Spain and in other countries such as Turkey, Argentina, Russia, Romania and Bulgaria.

With a clear and colloquial language, reveals what to do and what not, to succeed in the waiting boar.

This book is not intended to contradict other authors, he has learned many things from them, just like them, share experiences that help the hunter to not make the same mistakes for which he has passed.

The book is for sale in Gun shops and on the website of Editorial Solitario, in the "News"

Interview about Book in Radio Program,  Hunting , Fishing and Nature, with Cesareo Martin Y Marcos Ruiz from Gestiona Radio.