43.000 Acres without fences, more than 15,000 wild animals living free, in our densely Populated territory. 


We are located in a malaria free area in Central Namibia Otjozondjupa, Which is Known to play Correctly and neighbors Waterberg Plateau National Park. 


Our hunting area Consist of a variety of different terrains Including a mountain range (Ozondjahe Peak), Bush and open savannas with large herds of wildebeest, Oryx, Impala, Eland and animals. 


We offer unsurpassed quality trophy, With more than 30 game species: such as Greater Kudu, Cape Eland, Gemsbok, Blue and Black wildebeest, zebra, impala, leopard and cheetah, warthog and to name just a few. 



You will discover Namibia That is not only beautiful, with a pleasant climate, is the easiest, secure, safe and clean country in Africa. Excellent roads make it an easy country to travel.